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[audio]IUMA: The Compassionate Conservatives
***** I M P O R T A N T ***** I M P O R T A N T ***** I M P O R T A N T ***** March 2004: Please visit our OFFICIAL SITE to stay up-to-date with all of our latest releases, including Frat Boy and GOPenis Envy... just click on the "Other Homepage" button just above this paragraph! ************************************************************************************************* Our mission is to uncover the deception and hypocrisy of the arrogant, misguided, and self-centered Bush Administratio...
Keywords: The Compassionate Conservatives
Downloads: 17
[audio]Liberal? Or just American? - Kate Kelly
Conservatives and Liberals have battled it out for far too long. You're both right, people! Wake up and smell the educational coffee.
Keywords: politics; liberals; conservatives; education
Downloads: 169
[audio]Intro to free speech
The opening joke I gave at a liberty symposium on Dec 7, 2009.
Keywords: ottawa; free speech; conservatives
Downloads: 23
[audio]Lisa's Podcast
NYU College Republicans: The Elephants in the Room
Keywords: NYU; Republicans; Conservatives
Downloads: 11
[unknown]Usenet groups within uw.progressive from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "uw.progressive", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: uw.progressive; uw.progressive.conservatives
Downloads: 40
[audio]Bonus Episode - Supidnomics - The Dragon
Hey, kids, an exciting bonus entry in the "Conservatives Are Traitors" series, an epsidoe a little bit outside the norm. We're not trying to prove that conservatives are traitors tonight, just that they're fucking stupid. So we're going to have a little bit of funny. Enjoy. http://conservativesaretraitors.blogspot.com
Keywords: economics; bush recession; conservatives; stupid; freakonomics
Downloads: 6
[audio]Part 6 - Terror in the Heartland - The Dragon
This is Part 6 in our series "Conservatives Are Traitors" and the third part in the arc covering the diabolical conservative plan to seize power in this country, and the most terrifying (so far.) Here we discuss far-right terrorism, real terrorism, from the OKC bombing down to this year's IRS building attack, and the comforting womb of conservative thought that encourages these traitors.
Keywords: conservatives; tea party; republicans; treason; treachery; traitor
Downloads: 14
[audio]Part 4 - Survival of the Dumbest - The Dragon
Here we get into the meat of our "Conservatives Are Traitors" podcast: the pervasive anti-intellectualism of the American right
Keywords: conservatives; Republicans; teabaggers; treason; treachery; traitors
Downloads: 6
[audio]Bonus Episode - Stupidnomics - The Dragon
Hey, kids, an exciting bonus entry in the "Conservatives Are Traitors" series, an epsidoe a little bit outside the norm. We're not trying to prove that conservatives are traitors tonight, just that they're fucking stupid. So we're going to have a little bit of funny. Enjoy. http://conservativesaretraitors.blogspot.com
Keywords: bush recession; freakonomics; conservatives; economy; finances
Downloads: 10
[audio]Another Perspective - Father Trench
We all need to remeber that despite the feeling of being alone, we all can listen to Father Trench
Keywords: Virgina; Soldiers; Liberals; Democrats; Republicans; Conservatives
Downloads: 23
[audio]Top 3cast Episode 13: The Disconnect Episode - Tone Hoeft
It was a toss up between "The Disconnect Episode," "The Est-Fest," or "Vag-tastic," but disconnect seemed to be the major theme running throughout. This week we talk about how to incorporate political figures like Palin and Bachmann into the political discourse rationally (and if it is even possible), the low standards of prom in Mississippi, and how the Catholic Church is handling the latest sex abuse scandals...
Keywords: Catholic church; news stories; homosexuality; republicans; conservatives
Downloads: 114
[texts]An Era of Eras - John Hutchison
Essay on Ronald Reagan's legacy.
Keywords: Reagan; Obama; 80s; Reaganomics; conservatives
Downloads: 76
[audio]AM Asghar defects to Welsh Conservatives - Paul Heaney
Paul Heaney reports
Keywords: Asghar; Welsh Assembly; Welsh Conservatives; AM
Downloads: 6
[audio]Top 3cast Episode 5: Parents Are Dumb - Tone Hoeft
A lot of more serious topics covered this time around. We talk science, religion, homeschooling, vaccines, autism, and grammar. I know, you're stoked right? To balance off, we talk about Lost and Madden. Plus, the realization that parents must be dumb by design. Comment bait? Perhaps, but you'll have to listen to find out why. Oh, and did I mention we're bringing the genius?
Keywords: news stories; prayer; science; conservatives; Lost
Downloads: 16
[audio]Just Right #57 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party SPECIAL: Eco-Fascism 3 Us vs Them: Science By Consensus The Convenience Of Inconvenience Conservatives: Always On The Defensive Patterns Of Force - Fascism's Forms
Keywords: Freedom; Fascism; Conservatives; Eco-Fascism; Capitalism
Downloads: 27
[audio]Just Right #44 - Robert Metz
Freedom Politics Freedom Party Sherlock Holmes: Elementary, Symbolic, Representative... Announcing: Just Right Audio Archive Now On Line Health Care: Our Smug Attitude Conservatives: John Tory Leadership Human Rights Commissions: Hate Kills
Keywords: Freedom; Politics; Philosophy; Conservatives; Health Care
Downloads: 26
[audio]Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot 049: Jesse Graham
I interview psychologist Jesse Graham about his research on how we make our moral judgments, and why liberals and conservatives have different moral values.
Keywords: psychology; morality; liberals; conservatives; interviews; philosophy
Downloads: 2,145
[movies]Young, Black & Republican - Ben Abel-Bey
Six young black Republicans are interviewed about when and why they joined the GOP, dealing with hostility based on prejudice and misconceptions, and attempt to dispell some myths about being a black Republican.
Keywords: black republicans; black conservatives; young republicans; young conservatives; race; politics; urban conservatism; misconceptions
Downloads: 72
[audio]Early Bird Bill Otto Show - Radio Free Kansas
Program Schedule Monday, 15 July 2013 Counterspin, the Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) radio magazine (30 min.) Bill Otto, LeRoy, Ks. former state representative and school administrator and teacher hosts discussions on state government policy, finance and education. Guests today members of the Traditional Republicans for Common Sense, former Assistant Majority Leader and State Chair of the Republican Party Rep...
Keywords: Kansas, Republican, conservative, radio, Brownback; Republicans; Radio; Brownback; Conservatives
Downloads: 13
[audio]Declaration and Darwin (Part 1) 7.6.13 - 414 Project
Why do recent studies show that the 4th of July resonates with conservatives far more than liberals?
Keywords: 414 Project; Independence Day; Peter Heck; conservatives; liberals
Downloads: 17
[audio]Declaration and Darwin (Part 2) 7.6.13 - 414 Project
Hereâs the reason why itâs fair to say conservatives celebrate Independence Day while liberals merely enjoy the trappings and festivities of the day.
Keywords: 414 Project; Peter Heck; Independence Day; conservatives; liberals
Downloads: 9
[audio]Dick Hatenberg 001b - Dickford U. Hatenberg
Dick Hatenberg tells us what Big Media doesn't want us to know about guns, gluten and public education
Keywords: gun control; sandy hook; newtown; NRA; conservatives; stephen colbert; gluten
Downloads: 35
[audio]BITE310 - BOGGS
American art from Tehran and 15 cents and changing FDR's memorial
Keywords: Pollock; Iran; trees; conservatives; Franklin Roosevely; memorial; headlines
Downloads: 41
[audio]Stephen Harper Guelph Rally - April 4th Part 1 - Adam A. Donaldson
Audio from Stephen Harper's rally in Guelph at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre on Monday April 4th. Part 1 of 2
Keywords: stephen harper; conservatives; canada; 2011 federal election; speech; guelph
Downloads: 16
[audio]Part 4 - Survival of the Dumbest - The Dragon
Here we get into the meat of our "Conservatives Are Traitors" podcast: the pervasive anti-intellectualism of the American right.
Keywords: conservatives; Republicans; Tea Party; teabaggers; treason; treachery; traitors
Downloads: 9
[audio]Part 7 - A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - The Dragon
This is the 7th part of "Conservatives Are Traitors" wherein we explore the treacherous and self-important insurgency which calls itself "The Tea Party" and why they have a strange tendency to reject associations with the CSA. Go figure. http://conservativesaretraitors.blogspot.com
Keywords: tea party; conservatives; traitors; treason; civil war; confederacy
Downloads: 11
[audio]Is the Big Society the good society? (30th October 2010) - Institute of Ideas
Battle of Ideas 2010, Battle for Social Policy, Royal College of Art, London Speakers: Kevin Harris, community development consultant, Local Level; writer, Neighbourhoods blog James Panton, politics tutor, St Johnâs College, University of Oxford; co-founder, Manifesto Club Steve Reed, leader, Lambeth Council; councillor, Labour Party, Brixton Hill Ward Chair: Dave Clements, social policy writer; convenor, IoI Social Policy Forum; co-editor, The Future of Community Blurb: David Cameronâs âBig ...
Keywords: battle of ideas; 2010; society; Big Society; Conservatives; government; politics
Downloads: 15
[audio]The Death of the University, English Style
The Death of the University, English Style by Nick Couldry and Angela McRobbie, read aloud by Nick Couldry.
Keywords: death; university; cuts; funding; Browne; conservatives; Nick Couldry; Angela McRobbie
Downloads: 51
[texts]Can Liberals be Educated?
Communists have infected American society with the help of Liberals.
Keywords: Liberals; Conservatives; USA; Revilo P. Oliver; Communism; Bolshevism
Downloads: 45
[audio]From the College Front Episode 202 - Landon Wolf & Travis Nelson of the Otter College Republicans of CSUMB
Clearer Audio and More Hardcore, Episode 2 of Season 2 is here.
Keywords: college; front; battle; conservatives; republicans; republicast; landon; wolf; travis; nelson
Downloads: 10
[audio]From the College Front Season 2 Episode 4 - Landon Wolf & Travis Nelson of the Otter College Republicans at CSU Monterey Bay
-Obama's Nobel Peace Prize -AB 656, San Jose State CRs Rebel -University Language Requirement? -Harmer for Congress Precinct Walk, reflection on precinct walking -Pizza
Keywords: college; front; republicans; conservatives; obama; csumb; otter; wolf; nelson
Downloads: 13
[audio]Demos Podcast: Richard Reeves on Progressivism - Demos
This week Demos launches a new project called 'Progressive Conservitism'. In this podcast, Demos Director Richard Reeves discusses what he takes 'progressive' to mean. He talks about how he understands the political parties' progressivism, whether the economic downturn threatens progressive goals, and whether there are lessons to learn from President Obama's upbeat and inspiring politics.
Keywords: politics; progressivism; think tanks; democracy; power; demos; conservatives
Downloads: 1,300
[audio]Part 3 - Eight Years of Misrule - The Dragon
Well, this is the big one, kids, a look at the economy-crushing, national security-ruining, incompetent administration of unelected "President" George W. Bush. http://conservativesaretraitors.blogspot.com
Keywords: conservatives; Republicans; Tea Party; teabaggers; treachery; treason; traitors
Downloads: 3
[audio]Stephen Harper Guelph Rally - April 4th Part 2 - Adam A. Donaldson
Audio from Stephen Harper's rally in Guelph at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre on Monday April 4th. Part 2 of 2
Keywords: stephen harper; conservatives; canada; 2011 federal election; speech; guelph
Downloads: 8
[audio]How Many Tweets Make a Twat?
'Too many tweets might make a twat'...David Cameronâs notorious description of the twitter shadow that has been cast over this latest general election - and from tweeting Tories to blogging backbenchers - new media has undoubtedly been the new weapon of this last election campaign. However - to paraphrase David Cameron, there has also been a large number of tweeting twats. Rob Powell has been casting a wry eye over the digital election campaign, taking a look at some of the strangest, funniest ...
Keywords: Twitter; Election; New media; conservatives; labour; liberal democrats
Downloads: 14
[movies]#OccupyWallStreet on Your own time: #OWS General Assembly Website - toonmonk
A short video describing how to support Occupy Wall Street by Particpating via www.nycga.netcc
Keywords: ows; community; OWS; Occupy Wall Street; Meeting; website; tea party; liberals; conservatives; democrats; republicans; International Conference
Downloads: 7
[audio]Middle East Update; Conservativism's "Funding Father"; Pacifica Radio Archives - Mother Jones Radio
We begin this week with an update on events in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East. University of San Francisco politics professor and peace and justice studies chair Stephen Zunes brings us up to date on the latest turmoil, including the assassination of a Christian cabinet minister in Lebanon. Plus, Mother Jones' current issue has a special focus on corporate social responsibility. While some companies are simply "greenwashing" their images by making minor changes to their environmental po...
Keywords: Lebanon; Middle East; greenwashing; corporate social responsibility; Interface; conservatives; Pacifica Radio
Downloads: 1,992
[audio]Ourobouros Podcast #271 - More Music For You - Colin Gazeley
Podcast playing 10 tracks of great independent music.
Keywords: amatorski; brotherhood; defeat; egomotel; feral conservatives; great white buffalo; iameve; mixe1; mtns; skinner box
Downloads: 41
[movies]Jonathan Bowden Talks About Professor Maurice Cowling 21 09 09
Jonathan Bowden talks about Professor Maurice Cowling - 'ultra-conservative par excellence' and prominent member of the Cambridge Peterhouse school of history - at the first meeting of the Society of National Conservatives.
Keywords: Jonathan; Bowden; Professor; Maurice Cowling; New right; Conservative; Cambridge; Peterhouse school; Glory; Power; History; National Conservatives
Downloads: 5
[audio]Viewpoint: Scottish Conservatives - Ian Beaumont
The Conservatives in the Scottish Parliament have an idea to make them more electable. Ian Beaumont thinks David Cameron should take notice.
Keywords: Viewpoint; radio; minute; Ian Beaumont; City Media Productions; Conservatives; Scottish Parliament; centre right; extremist
Downloads: 5
[audio]Part 9 - The Parting on the Left... - The Dragon
Well, this is the final outing of Conservatives Are Traitors, and it's more for fun that anything else and to remind you to get out and vote on Tuesday. A fictional old newsreel-style podcast from one year in the future, outlining the changes conservatives intend to make. http://conservativesaretraitors.blogspot.com
Keywords: Sharron Angle; Christine O'Donnell; John Boehner; Rand Paul; election; conservatives; tea party; treason; traitors
Downloads: 9
[audio]The Clean Break Plan: A Conspiracy of Theories? by Grant Smith - Palestine Center
At a 29 August 2006 Palestine Center briefing, Grant Smith provided an overview of the implementation of a 1996 Israeli policy paper, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.” Smith analyzed the damage such policies pose to U.S. interests and explained how the recommendations have worked against U.S. interests in the Middle East.
Keywords: Palestine Center; Grant Smith; Israel; Neo-Conservatives; foreign policy; audio; mp3
Downloads: 35
[movies]Obama's Internal War - William F. O'Brien
LYNWOOD BARTLEY is back to lead the conversation with DR. DON COONEY and DR RON KRAMER. Ever since he claimed the office of President (by popular demand), the Republicans and the Right Winged Republicans have attacked everything he has tried to do. It doesn’t matter whether the right and the Republicans agree with him, because he is black and a Democrat, he is wrong. This leaves a congress in an uproar...
Keywords: Critical Issues Alternative Views,Obama,Republicans,Right Wing,Healthcare,Blue Line Democrats,Conservatives,Liberals,Compromise
Downloads: 19
[movies]USasEmpire - Dale Stuepfert
This clip comes from the 30 minute DVD "Empire and a Christian Vocation of Repentant Patriotism" - a presentation by Gary Simpson a professor of systematic theology at Luther Seminary. See: tapestryvideos.blogspot.com
Keywords: Empire; neocon; hegemony; Neo-conservatives; peace with justice forum; Gary Simpson; Luther Seminary; tapestryvideos.blogspot.com
Downloads: 198
[audio]IR.11.20 Log Cabin Republicans - Initiative Radio
Diversity and Conservatism in America Edition 1 GREGORY T. ANGELO Chairman of Log Cabin Republicans of New York State During the current federal election season Angela McKenzie will be speaking with Americans who at a glance might not be identified as conservative because of their race, culture and other social dynamics. To start this series of special broadcasts, she speaks with Gregory T. Angelo who is the Chairman of Log Cabin Republicans of New York State,the nation's only organization of ga...
Keywords: Radio Shows; Log Cabin Republicans; Initiative Radio; Angela McKenzie; Gregory T. Angelo; GOP; Conservatives; Politics; Diversity & Conservatism In America
Downloads: 55
[audio]Viewpoint: MPs Expenses Revisited - Ian Beaumont
136 MPs are employing family members. 27 of those were elected after the scandal did so much damage. Ian Beaumont is having deja vu.
Keywords: Viewpoint; radio; minute; Ian Beaumont; City Media Productions; MPs expenses scandal; Westminster; family members; employed; Conservatives; Labour; Liberal Democrats
Downloads: 6
[audio]Thomas Frank: The Wrecking Crew - Kansas City Public Library
Thomas Frank, the author of the bestseller What's the Matter with Kansas?, presents his book, The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule, on September 15, 2009, at the Central Library, 14 W. 10th St., Kansas City, MO. In looking back to the early days of the conservative revolution, Frank describes the rise of a ruling coalition dedicated to dismantling government. But rather than cutting down the big government they claim to hate, Frank asserts conservatives have simply sold it off, deregulating...
Keywords: kansas city; author; thomas frank; conservatives; corruption; government; bush administration; neocons; wrecking crew; library; kansas city public library
Downloads: 68
[movies]Corporate Attacks on Healthcare - William F. O'Brien
Lynwood Bartley hosts this show with Dr. Ron Kramer, Elka Schoffers,phd and guest viewmeister Rick Stahlhut,M.D. The discussion revolves around why congress is having so much trouble passing healthcare with corporate attacks to protect their horrific profits at the cost of peoples health and in some cases life or death. This is coming from the conservative Republicans who have a large stake in lobbyists and campaign funds as well as the Blue line Democrats, while the American Public takes a back...
Keywords: Critical Issues,Critical Issues Alternative Views,Obama,Healthcare,environment,conservatives,blue line democrats,corporate,insurance,pharmacutical companies,military corporate complex
Downloads: 39
[audio]Ourobouros Podcast #276 - End Of Year Housekeeping - Colin Gazeley
Podcast playing 6 tracks of great independent music and also discussing my plans for the end of the year and the latest Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. commentary/review.
Keywords: agents of shield; cole hermer; dead hand projekt; feral conservatives; marvels; shearer; the ravens; the well; the windy city; tone
Downloads: 46
[audio]radio culinair show #05 022012 - executive chef b
making a regime change to stop dependence on drugs and doctors. gradual changes in your life choices are the key to long lasting improved life and health. the entire family embracing regime change will lead to increased success: remember, do as I do and say is the way to go. McDonalds, Burgerking ,Domonos are a once a month, not once a day or week thing. Eating prepacked frozen foods are just as damaging and poor...
Keywords: appalachia; hyrdo-fracking; GMO; Germany; Europe; America; conservatives; natural gas; dick chaney; wheat; dairy; meat; organic; McDonalds; Burger King; pizza; junk food; chips
Downloads: 8
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